Um. Blah. Blabbity Blah. Um Blah Blabbity Blah.

Random words? To you, maybe. To me, maybe.

To Eminem, not so much.

Once again, I will be talking about a rapper. And again, he is unique. Is it because of his music? Sure. Is it because of his voice? Not really. Is it because he’s black? No. Wait. Back up a second. That’s it. HE’S NOT. Some people think of it as a disgrace. Some don’t. I am one of those who don’t. Why? Because I think racism can go bury itself in a hole. There are so many superfluous conflicts in this world that wouldn’t be there had it not been for racism. I love seeing the black rappers collaborate with Eminem. He is the exception of the stereotype “all rappers are black”.

Eminem, AKA Marshall Bruce Mathers III, is currently 39 and is from Detroit, Michigan. He has always had an interest in rapping, but began to get serious in 1992. He was a local rapper at the time, but most of his songs were austere as he agonizingly attempted to raise his newborn daughter Hailie. He was struggling to achieve his goal of becoming affluent. He entered a local rapping contest that he conquered and his prize was a record deal. He was brought out by Dr. Dre, currently a fellow rapper. At this point, Eminem’s idolization began to climb higher and higher. His popularity earned him a spot in a band, that he soon became a very high member of, called D12. Eminem never really broke apart from D12, but as the years progressed, Eminem became part of less and less songs on their albums, until eventually, he  was part of none. Currently, Eminem is the best selling artist of the 2000’s according to Wikipedia.

Eminem bewilders many people because of the feeling in his music. People say that the best writers in the world are the writers that write based on personal experience. That saying might as well have come straight out of Eminem’s mouth because that’s exactly what he does and he does it flawlessly. You see, so many rappers no longer write sumptuous and remarkable lyrics. These days it’s more about the beat. But, doesn’t that defeat the whole purpose for their fame? I mean, had someone try to become famous off of the songs that Lil’ Wayne has been writing these days, they’d be considered a joke. The way rappers like Lil’ Wayne stay on top of their game, is by living off the fame that their music once brought them. I love Lil’ Wayne more than any rapper in the world. But, I love him for what he was and not for what he has become. Eminem, and dare I say it, is living off the fame brought by what his music once was, what his music is now, and what his music will soon become.


Eminem’s latest album: Bad Meets Evil

1. Welcome 2 Hell

2. Fastlane

3. The Reunion

4. Above the Law

5. I’m On Everything Feat. Mike Epps

6. A Kiss

7. Lighters Feat. Bruno Mars

8. Take from Me

9. Loud Noises Feat. Slaughterhouse

Bonus Tracks:


Living Proof


Parental Advisory is recommended when listening to any of these songs.

3 thoughts on “Eminem

  1. I really liked how this post compared Eminem to other rappers, and how you weren’t biased when talking about him. The fact that you take everything into consideration shows a good writer. Keep up the good work!

  2. I think that this blog is a bit of a weird intro but you do explain it. I think that this is a great blog entry, keep it up


  3. You did a really good job comparing Eminem to other rappers! And I really liked how you were blunt in talking about the stuff you didn’t like. For Ex: “Racism can go bury itself in a hole”. Keep it up!

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