This blog is called The Arts. So basically, I will be blogging about arts such as music and acting. I might also get into the topic deeper. For example, if I was talking about music, I would dig in more and maybe talk about a specific song or actor. I chose this topic to blog about because I like all types of art, especially music, which is what I will be blogging most about. Specifically, I will take 2 pieces of music and compare and contrast them. This will be more frequent than anything else I blog about. However, that doesn’t mean I will not be blogging about anything else. I absolutely adore dancing; it is my favorite art and my hobby. Therefore, you should expect to see me blogging a lot about it. I will blog about different kinds of dancing, different dancers, and I will also talk about dance movies and compare and contrast the movie to what dancing really is in the real world. Every once in a while, I will blog about actors and art, but music and dancing will be much more frequent since they are kind of connected to each other. I appreciate you visiting my site about the arts and I really hope you enjoy my blog. Please feel free to comment about this blog or suggest things for this blog in the reply box below. You can also suggest anything you want me to blog about in that very same reply box too. Thank you!

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